The Right Ventures with the Instagram Account

Instagram offers 4 types of objectives for its campaigns like Facebook ads:

  1. Clicks to a website: to send traffic to a page on your site
  2. Installation of mobile applications: to generate downloads
  3. Video view: to broadcast a video
  4. Video “Mass Awareness”: one premium format to generate a maximum video audience with a guaranteed minimum of impressions and positioning at the top of the Instagram Photo News Feed.

Instagram call-to-action buttons

Thanks to “direct response ads”, brands can add a call-to-action in order to generate traffic to your website, thus filling a gap in Instagram since it was impossible to redirect users to a landing page. Using the instagram account creator  is important there.

4 buttons should be of interest to brands:

  • The Shop Now Button to sell your products on Instagram
  • The Install Now Button to directly install a mobile application
  • The Sign Up Button to generate leads or subscribers to a site directly from Instagram
  • The Learn More Button to drive traffic to your site

Instagram button

Since integration with Facebook Power Editor, brands can now use many more call-to-action buttons

  • Buy
  • Book now
  • Register
  • Install
  • Download
  • Use the app
  • Listen now
  • Play the game
  • Watch the video
  • See other videos
  • Contact us
  • Learn more

Targeting Ads on Instagram

Not a lot of information at the moment but Techcrunch talks about demographic targeting features (age, location, sex) and targeting by interests thanks to the data that Facebook has.


Since Instagram ads are accessible from the Power Editor, the targeting options now overlap with those of Facebook. On Instagram’s Help page, it says “You can see ads based on who you follow and what you like on Instagram, your information and interests on Facebook as well as websites and apps that you are viewing. ”

It is also planned to be able to target users thanks to the “information that companies have on their customers” which strongly resembles custom audiences which allow you to target your customers on Facebook thanks to your lists of email addresses, lists of telephone numbers. and / or according to the visits they have made to your site or mobile application.

Set up an advertising campaign on Instagram

Instagram gives some tips for successful Instagram campaigns:

  1. Set clear goals: awareness goal? awareness objective? Traffic generation goal? sales target? Goal of mobile app downloads? Instagram advises that you think about how your campaigns fit into your strategy.
  2. Tell a story on a unifying theme: Instagram advises to use an authentic scenario transcribed by quality images (therefore everything except traditional advertising) and develop the story of your brand throughout the phases of the campaign (ex : you are a brand of alcohol, you could show the history of your product from the harvesting of the ingredients until it is put into keg and sold by a connoisseur of hops from the lakes of Connemara).