The Right Head Massage You Need Now

The muscles of chewing, the masseters are among the most powerful muscles of the human body. The masseters work constantly throughout the day. In addition to being used for chewing, they can contract abnormally in case of stress, dysfunction of the jaw joint (temporomandibular), dental malocclusion (defect of the alignment of the teeth together or their nesting) or bruxism (grinding or clenching of the teeth at night). In such cases, it may be necessary to consult a health professional, but massaging the jaw muscles as well as the surrounding muscles such as the temples can also help relieve the pain caused by these problems.

Sinus clearance

When the season of colds, sinusitis and company arrives, breathing can become labored due to the accumulation of phlegm in the sinus cavities. The pressure caused by engorged sinuses can also cause headaches. Sometimes this mucus can even become infected leading to future complications. Certain specific facial massage techniques can help clear the nasal and sinus passages. The sinus cavities are located above the eyes, at the root of the nose and on both sides of the nostrils. In case of thick, sticky or infected mucus, the use of essential oil of eucalyptus in diffusion in the massage room is a nice complement to help more in the clearing of the sinuses and to promote a better breathing.

Self-massage of the head

If you hesitate to have your 마사지코리아 head massaged by a professional, head massage can very well be done at home. Sit in a quiet place and make small circular movements in the areas of the head where you feel tension. There is no need to apply a lot of pressure for increased efficiency in this area. For the hair portion, if you want to promote hydration and nourish the scalp, you can use coconut or argan oil for example. Avoid using essential oils or other balms containing strong, irritating ingredients near the eyes and mouth. For the rest, let yourself go and listen to your feelings.

Scalp massage brings you many benefits

Physical benefits:

The muscles are relaxed. Well-being is diffused throughout the body. This treatment beautifies and relaxes the skin. The facial features are soothed. Your skin is more relaxed.

Neurological benefits:

By digitopuncture points (energy points), rotational movements, touching, these movements will balance the different functions of your body.

Physiological benefits:

  • The very pleasant sensation provided by the scalp massage releases endorphins in the body, having analgesic properties which bring a feeling of well-being, contentment and happiness.
  • It provides calm, tranquility, long-term concentration and promotes sleep.
  • It minimizes anxiety, fatigue, stress and headaches.
  • It is recommended before a stressful situation such as an important event, an examination, a surgical operation, etc.

Hair benefits

The scalp is the extension of the face and the breeding ground for our hair.  The hair benefits from the virtues of massage which bring them tone and suppleness by activating the microcirculation which oxygenates its bulb. Hence a preventive effect of this treatment on hair loss. The scalp is a thin part in which the hair is implanted. If you do not massage it, it remains stuck to the skull and is therefore less mobile, result: dull hair, weakened which can cause their fall. The massage softens the scalp, the bulb being better nourished  that favors the growth of healthy hair , better resistance to brushing, more docile hair to make the cut and of course a shine of your hair.