The Fine Choices for the Pokemon Go and the Tricks

What Pokémon Go does it still
exist? The frenzy that hit the world in 2016 may well have a renewed popularity
with the new Pokémon game: Let’s Go, Pikachu and let’s go.

Pokémon Go experienced a huge
drop in popularity once the buzz surrounding it went away. Nintendo may have
made additions to its game, but it has never found the popularity it had when
it was launched.That may well change, as Nintendo announced a new Pokemon game
for its Switch console.

The Aspect of Nostalgia

For the nostalgic, it will be a
game like the time of Pokémon Red and Blue on Gameboy. Only, we will be able to
integrate the Pokémon that we have captured in Pokémon Go. The use of the Pokemon go spoofers
are now also useful.

The Pokémon Go video game is an augmented reality application for Android smartphones like iPhone that is breaking popularity records. Developed by the Niantic studio, a former subsidiary of Google in which Nintendo holds 33%, the free game allows with the camera and the geolocation of your phone to hunt and capture a maximum of small monsters in a parallel world. The launch in France officially took place on July 24, while Nintendo’s action benefited from its incredible success in the world, backed by Pokemon license.

Just two years ago, when the game
was released, there were millions around the world, invading the streets,
rushing through parks or shopping centers, in search of these 2.0 butterflies.
The concept is simple and addictive: it’s about hunting as many virtual Pokemon
as possible, using a phone that acts as a landing net.

The Goal?

“Catch them all”, as
the slogan bugles. At the time, the game quickly turned into a social
phenomenon. In July 2016, the Axiom Capital Management firm estimated the
number of players worldwide at 45 million. An unrivaled peak since, after the hysteria
of the first days, the application then loses popularity. As of August, Pokémon
Go has a third fewer followers. Then, back to school and the arrival of winter
complete the sorting between addicts and others.

“Those who have it in their blood”

The Boeotians hear less about the
game if not, from time to time, in the news section. In Ohio, two players break
into a tiger’s cage. In San Diego, another tumbles from a cliff. In Wyoming, a
young girl falls on a corpse. Closer to home, the father of the child hanging
from the top of a balcony in Paris was also playing when his son was saved by
Mamoudou Gassama. He was therefore one of those diehards who still find it
beneficial to enlarge their Pokédex, understand their reserve of Pokémon. Now
the scenario is perfect with the best tracker.