The Best and perfect Diabetic Box for You

Diabetes when traveling (plane,
car, vacation abroad or business trip) means leaving with some practical advice
in mind. The transport of insulin, treatment and equipment for diabetes
(syringes, drugs, pump, etc.) is subject to formalities to be completed and
presented (in particular at the airport and customs). For that you will need to
use the insulin travel case.

The diabetic traveler

In your travels, you look for
novelty and a change of scenery. But suddenly, you can lose your usual bearings
in terms of places or food. And the unexpected is numerous. Dishes, vegetables
or fruit can be new or exotic and less is known about their effect on blood
sugar. On vacation, we often do more physical activities (sports, biking, hiking.).
The time is also no longer the same (jet lag, delay at a connection, queue at a
museum.). Finally, climatic conditions change, especially in the mountains or
at sea, with peaks of cold or heat. There is a set of parameters that must be
taken into account when you are a diabetic traveler.

Type of trip and destination

Of course, the precautions must be adapted according to my trip (tourist, excursion, adventure, treck, solo or in group.) and your destination (short or long stay, far or near country, with poor sanitary infrastructures.). The rules are those, classic, of the good traveler, to which must be added a dose of safety and prevention for diabetes.

Prepare your trip well before departure

Several weeks before my
departure, or when looking for a destination, I must remember to find out

  • Care devices.
  • diabetology services.
  • The sanitary facilities of the envisaged country
    and the regions to be crossed.

remember to tell your doctor about your project to:

  • adapt your treatment,
  • take stock of your vaccines,
  • obtain prescriptions and certificates.

Travel insurance: consult the contract clauses

Perhaps your daily life insurance
or that of your credit card includes travel? Very good. But how can we be sure
that it does not exclude “preexisting” diseases as insurers say, and
therefore diabetes? Or that a clause excludes complications from diabetes? Only
solution: consult the guarantees in detail and ask the right questions about:

  • guarantee ceilings,
  • assistance modalities
  • coverage of family members, etc.

Preferably require written
responses or documents. If necessary, change the product and opt for insurance
that really covers people with diabetes while traveling.

Insulin transport: large baggage and hand baggage

Whatever the mode of transport
and the type of trip, we advise you to distribute a part of the material and
the insulin in the hand luggage and another in the large luggage. Theft or loss
of one of them is always possible. The diabetic travel case is an important part of