How the HR Works in Small Businesses

HR departments gather and
transmit to managers of other departments information that may prove relevant
to the efficient functioning of the entire organization.Thus, it conducts
studies on indicators of operating difficulties, such as the rate of
absenteeism, the turnover rate of staff or turnover, etc.

The Participation

HR also participates in the design and development of HR policies and programs. Managers can therefore play a role in the overall orientation and planning of the organization by cooperating with other members of management and the executive committee in the design of HR policies. You need the best hr for small business  there.

  • They also play an advisory role to other
    managers on the questions and problems they face with their employees, for
    example with regard to the content of the collective contract, and provide
    technical and administrative assistance with regard to training, or prevention
    at the level health and safety for example.
  • In addition to this advisory dimension, the HR
    function has been given more authority and taken a more active part in
    decisions, particularly strategic ones, in certain organizations.
  • It is a functional authority that will allow HR
    to act beyond their own service to ensure compliance with HR procedures and
    policy in general.

Indeed, the HR gaining importance
will now participate in the strategic management of the organization beyond its
short-term activities such as recruitment, selection, design and development of
training programs or management of the evaluation program.

The Concerns of the HR

HR is concerned with the
long-term orientations of the organization and often calls to contribute to it.
This assumes that the HR manager is integrated into the general management so
that the “HR” dimension is considered in strategic choices in the
same way as capital or other resources.

If some companies are as
efficient or innovative, it is because they have a somewhat special element:
their staff.Besides, many entrepreneurs do not hesitate to say that the men and
women who work in their business are their best assets.However, managing these
staff is not an easy task.

  • How do you find the right salary level?
  • How to motivate employees?

The Human Resources function must
therefore try to make the best use of this somewhat special resource, men.

The Human Resources function: which definition for which challenges?

The definition

The mission of the Human
Resources function is to ensure that the organization has the personnel
necessary for its operation and that these personnel do their best to improve
the performance of the organization, while developing.