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Like the quality of the textures, it is a basic setting, although it can be very demanding and significantly affect performance, especially when we go from medium values. The low setting will show fuzzy and dull shadows, so we must avoid it at all costs.

Shadow quality affects the shadows we see during the rendering of the game. In many cases we can differentiate two different values, the quality itself and the viewing distance of the shadows. The former can affect not only the quality of the shadows in some games, but also the amount of shadows that will appear in the game. For the graphical games you can choose the 그래프게 option now. You can have the best deal.

Video games and graphics settings: everything you need to know

In the case of shadow viewing distance a low level will only show the closest shadows. It is also a demanding setting, so we must be very careful when uploading it if we have a low-mid-range gaming PC.

Our recommendation

The ideal is to configure both graphic settings, quality and viewing distance of the shadows, at least medium levels. If we have to sacrifice one of the two settings, the viewing distance will go first. Going from high to very high doesn’t usually make a big difference, but it does affect performance significantly.

Other important graphics settings to consider

The three graphic settings that we have seen in the previous point should form the basis on which we will work to start configuring the graphic quality of all PC games. We must interpret this as the construction of a house: first come the foundations, which are those three basic pillars, then the outbuildings and finally the roof.

Video games and graphics settings

Anisotropic filtering:This setting has a significant effect on image quality, although it is lower than the previous three. In general, it improves the sharpness of the textures that we have located at medium and far distances, making them look much clearer.

Its impact can vary depending on each game but it is important and its impact in terms of performance is usually not relevant, so keep that in mind.

Our recommendation:

We should always have it at x8 or x16, as it will make a clear difference in terms of image quality and hardly reduce the performance of the game.

Edge smoothing

In some cases it can make a very important difference, but at the cost of a noticeable loss of performance depending on the type of smoothing we use. First of all we are going to see what exactly this setting is, then we will review the types that exist and finally we will give you our recommendation.