Easy 4 Step Loan Options Now

For payday loans, applying for a
loan is done in 4 steps. This way you can already have the desired amount in
your hands in the short term.

Make a

Start your application by filling
in the amount you need and need it for. You immediately see what your interest
and monthly amount will be, for different maturities. Then log in to complete
your details and get a complete and non-binding picture of your options.

your request without obligation

Send your request to us without
obligation. This can be done at the touch of a button. Now you can take a
moment to think about our offer or take immediate action. By the way, you will
immediately see whether you can get the loan. You can Check it out for the best results.


Have you submitted all documents
and are your details correct? Then you will receive an agreement from us that
you must sign. After we have received your signature, we will ensure that the
agreed amount is in your account within 3 working days.

have a loan elsewhere

Do you already have a loan elsewhere?
You can often transfer these cheaply to us. This way you only pay one amount
per month and in many cases less interest. Switching with your loan works much
the same as a new application. The only difference is that you start the
application by specifying your current loans.

or fixed interest?

To start, it is important to find
out which type of interest rate suits you best. With a residential loan you can
choose between a variable and a fixed interest rate. A variable interest rate
is especially interesting when interest rates are high. The chance is then high
that the interest rate will fall. If the interest is on the back burner, it is
recommended to click the interest rate for the full term of the loan. This way
you can be sure that the monthly repayments remain unchanged in the event of an
interest rate change.

What to
consider with a variable interest rate?

Due to the low interest rates,
people often opt for long fixed-rate periods. However, if you expect interest
rates even lower, the choice of a variable interest rate may be a
consideration. Anyone who chooses a variable interest must take all kinds of
things into account. For example, you have to look at how strongly interest
rates can rise or fall. The banks are obliged to communicate this. The
potential rise or fall in interest rates is summarized in ‘the cap’. Those who
get a cap of 2 percent, for example, know that the rate can rise or fall a
maximum of 2 percent with the next interest rate adjustment. The interest rate
may double at most. Also see when the interest rate is adjusted. Is that
annually or every five years?

the correct term

The longer is the term of a loan,
the higher is the interest rate. The difference between a 20-year loan and a
25-year loan can quickly add up to tens of basis points. It is therefore
important to weigh up the term to maturity. A shorter term leads to a lower
interest rate, but does have an upward effect on monthly payments. Adjust the
term to the monthly disposable income.