Disinfection to the best Level Right Now

The quality of disinfection cannot be measured with
the naked eye. This is why it is necessary to compare the performances of virucides
on the market according to the standards to which they meet. Depending on the
field of activity, certain products benefit from an additional guarantee of
efficiency brought by the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture and
Fisheries. Now that you can visit https://www.clean4less.co.uk/ultra-ax-virucidal-cleaner-5l.html
and select the best virucide, the options are open for you.

Measure product effectiveness with standards

The standards are “passage
examinations” which will measure the effectiveness of a virucide under certain
conditions. On specific strains (micro-organisms), this is the spectrum of
activity of the virucide.According to a precise contact time, in 5 min, in 15
min, etc. We can also measure its effectiveness according to a given
temperature (generally imposed by the standard) or else with possible
interfering substances, this is what we summarize by the words “under
clean conditions” or “under conditions dirt ”or“ in the presence of
hard water ”etc.,or with a certain concentration (dosage) of the virucide

Which standards should be retained?

There are a plethora of disinfection standards, and it is very difficult for the user to navigate them. You should know that the new standards are European; they start with NF EN. French standards start with NF T. Some are obsolete because they have been replaced by European standards; however, some are still in use, for example in the French homologation criteria. There are “basic” standards, which only indicate whether the product has virucide activity or not. For example the basic bactericidal standard NF EN 1040.


There are also “application”
standards which specify the conditions of effectiveness of the virucide
(application dose, etc.) for a given use. There is often a reference to
standard NF EN 1275 followed by the mention (Candida albicans); this means that
the product is only effective on this strain, and not on the two strains
necessary to obtain the standard. The virucide is then called yeasticide.


The marketing authorizations
granted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries concern the treatment of
premises and storage and transport equipment in two areas of professional
hygiene: Products of animal origin (POA), and of plant origin (POV) and
household waste (VO). An approval from the Ministry of Agriculture guarantees
the effectiveness of the product under real conditions of use and according to
the indicated directions of use (dosage). It can be assigned for bactericidal,
fungicidal, and / or virucidal treatments.

A guarantee of efficiency

The approval of virucides for the
treatment of premises and equipment for harvesting, transporting and storing
products of animal origin and / or products of plant origin (POA / POV) is
compulsory in the food industry. In the field of catering, it remains a
guarantee of efficiency much sought after by professionals.

The approval of virucides for the
treatment of materials and premises used for the collection, transport and
treatment of garbage and waste requires successfully passing standards known as
“germ carriers”, that is to say whose conditions are very difficult:
multiple soiling, dried etc. Thanks to these standards, which are very close to
the actual conditions of use, this certification represents a guarantee of
safety and health, for professionals as well as for individuals who access containers
and garbage rooms.