All You Need to Know regarding the Labradoodle Dog

Whether it is because
they inherited the coat from their poodle parent or from their double-coat
parent, all Doodle type dogs must be groomed, even more if you have allergies.

Doodles “good dogs with kids”?

Doodles are dogs. They
have normal dog needs and a normal dog personality.They have to exercise and
work mentally, like all breeds of dogs. They express themselves when something
is not working and they are not always calm. They too have the potential to
growl when approaching their bones or food. They can do stupid things. They can
even bite if something gets too extreme for them. In short, they are normal

Many Labradoodle Dog,
before the age of two have a high energy level. They can easily get excited,
destroy, chew, and jump like all dogs. After all, being reporter dogs, the
poodle, the labrador retriever and the golden retriever are all active dogs. A
Doodle will therefore need a lot of mental stimulation (this fills the dogs’
need to think and helps them expend energy) and physical activities to be a
good canine companion.

Like other dogs, it will also need to be listened to and understood. Like humans, it has its own way of communicating: canine language. They don’t like getting their ears pulled, climbing on them, waking up abruptly, etc. A dog, be it a Doodle or another breed, is not a teddy bear.


The Doodles, how all
dogs need education. They listen to what we took the time to teach them. Like
all dogs, they respond very well to training methods based on positive
reinforcement. They are not born pre-programmed by knowing how to do everything

In short, Doodles are
normal dogs with normal needs. Whether it is a ShibaInu , a Shar Pei or a
Doodle, your dog could develop behavioral problems if his needs are not
adequately met.

to find a GoldenDoodle breeder (or any other mixture)?

If you want to adopt a
crossbreed dog, the best thing is probably to go and visit the many shelters
that have lots of good dogs looking for a family. There, you can find an adult,
evaluated, healthy dog, which also corresponds to what you are looking for.
Shelters also have puppies, but in their case, their final behavior will be
more of a surprise.

If you have allergies,
the best solution would probably be to have the dog in a foster family to check
if your potential companion is causing you problems before committing.